Frequently Asked Questions

What oils to use in your natural and handmade soaps: 

You can use any carrier oil such as sunflower, Olive oil, coconut oil as long as they are mixed in the right proportions. We use Sunflower oil, Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter. 

Do you have a storefront?

No, we do not have a store front, but we do have a partner where we conduct our workshops. A limited variety of are products are available at Studio Mooi. Our entire catalogue is available for sale online. 

What are the benefits of shea butter in soap?

Shea butter is beneficial for moisturizing the skin without blocking pores, making it suitable for addressing dryness, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It can be used safely by people with all skin types and has been known to help heal cracked skin and minimize stretch marks.

Benefits of Olive Oil in Soap?

Olive oil, known for its high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, creates a lather in soap and has great cleansing properties. Not only does it moisturize the skin, but it also contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals and combat aging. The resulting soap made from olive oil is also rich in vitamins A and E due to the presence of these nutrients in the oil.

Do you have Candle making class or workshop?

Yes, we do! We have partnered with Studio Mooi, for candle making workshop and soap making workshop. Studio Mooi is located at 926 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M4E 1S2

Do you take orders for party favours?

Yes, we do take orders for party favours.The minimum order for party favours is 10 pieces. Check out our page to place and order. If you need to place an order for soaps, please let us know 6 weeks in advance. These 6 weeks include planning, customization, product creation, packing and curing of soaps.

Do you have any soaps which are suited for someone with Eczema?

Yes! Most of our soaps have shea butter and olive oil which is great to provide moisture to your skin. However, our top picks are

How do I store handmade soap?

For handmade soap or any other soaps, we recommend that they should be stored in a dry place and allowed to air out between uses to extend its lifespan. It is also important to keep it away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Are your soaps environmentally friendly?

We make a conscious choice to make these soaps vegan with natural ingredients and package them in biodegradable materials. We do not use any synthetic materials in our soap.

Do you have soap safe for sensitive skin?

We make soaps for all skin types, however, vegan soap for sensitive skin are the most popular choice.

We always recommend to check the ingredients before use and patch test if you have any concerns. You can check our soaps here

What is cold-pressed soap?

Cold-pressed soap is a method of soap-making where the ingredients are mixed at a low temperature to preserve the natural qualities of the ingredients.

How do you make your vegan candles?

Handmade vegan candles are typically made from natural waxes such as soy, coconut, or beeswax-free options like palm wax. At MadeByMe Co., we use soy wax to make our candles. Our candles are hand poured and made in small batches.

What is the difference between vegan candles and regular candles?

Vegan candles do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, while regular candles may contain beeswax or other animal-derived ingredients.